Casa Zenteno  2018 - Mexico City, Mexico - Under Construction  In collaboration with Frade-Lab  Renders - Visual Caramel
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 Seaside House  2015 - Del Mar, CA - Unbuilt  Project Manager - Brian Militana & Ron Millett  Renders - Visual Caramel  The site feels a world apart from its surroundings, appearing as a plateau among a series of craftsman style houses and bungalows. Located at the back of the site, the house is concealed from the street. A veiled and layered entry sequence affords visitors space to transition from the immediate neighborhood. Water, silence, and vegetation are utilized to create a magical, introspective path of discovery.   Arriving to the house at the foot of the bluff, visitors enter a column-less portico that holds an impossibly wide view of the horizon. From this space, the plateau appears to continue into the ocean, hiding all traces of the neighborhoods below. Aside from a small wooden yoga pavilion, the land is open, covered only by water and vegetation. The portico links the living spaces of the house together, always bringing the life of the house back to the view.   The frontal openness of the portico is balanced by a series of patios and gardens that break the massing of the house and anchor it to the bluff. These patios and gardens act as filters and points of connection between the interior living spaces, each of which exhibits a unique character. With each room fully opening onto an exterior space, residents feel as though they are truly living outdoors. Architecture and landscape are integrated at every turn to create a house that can gracefully accommodate a wide range of activities, from early morning meditations, to weekend parties with extended family and friends.    Perspectives by Visual Caramel
 Six  2008 - La Jolla, CA  Project Manager - Jeff Svitak  Photography - Hisao Suzuki  Six is a quintessentially Southern California housing scheme that builds on a legacy of seamless connections between house and garden. The real genius of Six is that it accomplishes this with such a deceptively simple construction.
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 State + Date  2002 - San Diego, CA  Photography - Hisao Suzuki, Hewitt & Garrison & Robert Zeballos  In the heart of one of San Diego's premier redeveloping areas, Little Italy, 'State and Date' consists of two homes that occupy a 1550 square foot corner lot. The site was subdivided into two equal sized lots, 25 ft by 31 ft, where the 2,750 square foot homes now exist. This project was fully completed in a four month time period.
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